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Domestic Briquette Maker

The Briquette Maker is a domestic tool for the production of burnable briquettes from waste organic material that can be burnt in fire places and stoves. With increasingly unaffordable energy rates it is necessary to explore alternative fuel sources.

The tool consists of a large PVC drum with removable caps at both ends, into which water and waste material can be added. This can include any organically based material available in the home; old newspapers, cardboard, leaves from the garden. A lid is then bolted to the top of the barrel that includes a standard mount for cordless and corded electric drills. A blade is inserted into the chuck of the drill and the material is blended to a uniform pulp.

Once the pulp is blended a valve is opened in the bottom of the barrel and the water drains way under its own gravity. This can be collected in a bucket and used in the production of another briquette.

The first cap with the drill mount is removed and a second with a stainless steel threaded press is bolted in its place. The handle is turned compressing the briquette into the bottom of the barrel. This forces out any remaining water from the briquette and also compacts the material into a very dense and solid object.

The pressure from the thread is then released and the cap located in the bottom of the barrel is unbolted allowing for the removal of the briquette.

The briquettes can be stored similarly to how conventional logs are stacked. Their round shape mean that there is minimal surface contact between them allowing air to circulate and dry them out further. A cross pressed into the top surface allows for more air to circulate, but also creates a score line for the briquette to be broken up for smaller fire places.

A single briquette typically burns for around 45 minutes.